SoapBox and You

Product-Resources.pngWe create software that helps organizations give employees a voice. Whether your focus is on collecting feedback or soliciting ideas, we make it easier to act on employee input that drives real business value. Our clients include Anthem, Bank of Montreal and Coca-Cola. We've put together a package to help you evaluate whether SoapBox is the right solution for you. 

In this download you'll find these resources:

  • SoapBox Feature Overview is a deeper list of the features and capabilities of SoapBox
  • Customer Success Overview shares how our Customer Success Team works with you to get the most out of your SoapBox
  • SoapBox Idea Management Comparison summarizes the key differences between SoapBox and other idea management solutions  
  • Is SoapBox Right for Your Organization? outlines key questions to think about when considering whether SoapBox is a fit for your organization